Monday, 1 September 2014

Antisemitism in Greece: Evidence from a Representative Survey

In a recent survey by ADL (, Greece was the most anti-Semitic country across all Western Europe reaching a 69% -with France been second with a 37%. Given the very low number of Jewish people living in Greece, the 69% of Greeks who hold such attitudes is puzzling. To shed light on the profile of those people we conducted our own representative survey of the Greek population to gauge the influence of specific demographics and the impact of key characteristics that plausibly explain the variation of anti-Semitism among the Greeks. To do so, we collected data on a variety of issues including social trust, belief in conspiracies, subjective and objective political knowledge, Jewish-specific knowledge, ideological leanings and a measure tapping into victimisation. In this report, we set out our core methodology and present the preliminary descriptive statistics from this survey.
The report is available here

Principal Investigators:

Antoniou Georgios, International Hellenic University
Dinas Elias, University of Oxford
Kosmidis Spyros, University of Oxford
Saltiel Leon, University of Macedonia

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