Chania - Χανιά 2014

Europe in Flux: Secessionism, Ideological Polarisation,
And the Emerging Institutional Design of the EU

3rd Annual GPPF Chania Forum, 26-27 September 2015


  • Carlos Closa Montero (Spanish National Research Council): Slides
  • Sotiris Georganas (City University London): Slides
  • Adrienne Héritier (European University Institute): Slides
  • Karel Lannoo (Centre for European Policy Studies): Slides
  • Dimitrios Magos (European Commission): Slides
  • Irene Martín Cortés (Autonomous University of Madrid): Slides
  • Fernando Mendez, (University of Zurich and ETH): Slides
  • George Pagoulatos (Athens University of Economics and Business and ELIAMEP): Slides
  • Alan Renwick (University of Reading): Slides
  • Christos Rozakis (University of Athens; Former First Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights): Paper
  • Dalvinder Singh (University of Warwick)
  • Vera E. Troeger (University of Warwick)
  • Panos Tsakloglou (Athens University of Economics and Business): Slides
  • Stavros A. Zenios (University of Cyprus and Wharton Business School): Slides

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